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Oct 15, 2020
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Virginia Beach
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Hello fellow Tremorites. I finally placed my Tremor order Last Friday 10/22/2021 and received confirmation from Ford that same day.

My build:
2022 Carbonized Grey Lariat Crew Cab
Tremor Pkg
6.7 Diesel
Lariat Black Pkg
Lariat Ultimate Pkg
High Capacity Trailer Tow Pkg
Carpet Delete
Rain Sensing WW & Heated Seats
Rear Heated Seats
Upfitter Switches
Garage Opener
397 amp Alternator
Hood Deflector

I will be keeping it basically stock except adding front and rear ADD bumpers, lights, ARB twin compressor. Depending on how business goes the next 6 months, may upgrade the suspension. I will be paying Invoice and know I may be able to do a little better but I am buying from a customer and all things considered think it is a fair deal. Based on posts so far I imagine I will take delivery sometime Feb-March. Certainly hope it is sooner to help retain my sanity. In the mean time I will enjoy the forum with you guys.
Welcome! Nice build!
Welcome. I am in the same boat having placed my order today. Let the waiting begin!
Welcome! Great build, and glad to see carpet delete already on there. :D