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Nov 14, 2020
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Flathead Lake, Montana
Hi all,

Ford will be building my 250 in Carbonized Gray the week of 11/30/2020. I'll be using it to tow this: I'll also be installing a TruckVault drawer system with a CargoGlide XL1000 on top of the drawer system and finish it off with a Snugtop with roof rack system. Hoping to hit the western US hard in 2021.

Curious as to when you think the truck might arrive in NW MT if started on 11/30.

Welcome to the club!

My truck was ordered on 12 August, scheduled to the week of 12 October for build, built 14 October, shipped 19 October and arrived to my dealer in Spokane, WA on 9 November. Ford's eta was 3 December.
Welcome to the forum @Cowtown44 - That's going to be an awesome setup! Congrats! ?. I think you'll see it within 2-3 months. What time frame is the dealer telling you?
Welcome. No idea on delivery time. I ordered mine before production officially began. ordered in November. took delivery in mid January. One of the first tremors in Montana. I'm in Missoula. If you're passing through shoot me a message. I'd love to see that Bruder in person.
Welcome! My wife and I are planning a trip to Montana next year ?
Old thread, I know. But there are only two threads about TruckVaults. Since it's been some time, @Cowtown44 how do you like it as a long-term review? Do you have any pictures of how it is holding up?