NEWBEE still searching for truck


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Aug 17, 2020
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Where the roads have no names
Nice group/ great trucks/ lots of fun/ Glad the forum was put together. Me, long time 4x4 owner and sports car fan, good with a wrench but this a move to the "dark side". Much more overland off road than rock crawl, have owned multiple GM products but they lost me years back when they quit the 2500 big block Suburban and softened to suburbo-vans for Soccer Mom and happy meal critters with zero towing capacity, particularly if a hill is involved. So, the current beast is sadly going out to pasture, has the Big C that money can't cure and gave her best going places nobody would have ever believed. Will miss that on road mpg of 10 but it was uphill / downhill /towing or not. Just 10.

Excited to find what is fast becoming a major challenge in locating the unicorn F350 diesel black Tremor. Will see you out there soon...……..