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Jun 17, 2020
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Usually when I buy a new/different vehicle, I always find the best forum to burn through every dollar I can finding as many modifications as I can justify. In the last few years this had been with my 2013 F250 6.7L lariat, a Yamaha Super Tenere adventure bike forum (my wife and I rode that bike from Phoenix to Cabo San Lucas and back, camping on the beach every other day) and then a 4runner forum. In 2017 we sold our F250 and bought a 2017 TRD 4Runner. It didn’t take long until we realized how much we missed the F250.

I research nearly every vehicle constantly, especially anticipating all the new releases. When the 2020 was released with a Tremor package, 10 spd transmission, and over 1000 lbs of torque, it helped justify the decision to get back in one. Since we had previously owned an F250, I knew everything I wanted, and everything I didn’t.

What I wanted:
Star White or Silver (I work oil & gas and these are easiest to keep clean)
Tremor Package
Sport Package (I spent a lot of money deleting chrome on my last truck)
Tailgate Step
Remote Start
Cooled seats
3.55 gears (which fortunately comes with the Tremor)
Tremor steps (I’m super ocd about door dings, and the steps help a ton vs the automatic steps)

Beyond that, I didn‘t want very much more, especially expensive options that I knew I’d never really use (i.e. sunroof). Anyways, I found a Tremor with basically every single option above, and none that I didn’t want. I hadn’t sold my 4runner yet but I knew I’d be much better off finding the right vehicle now, vs selling the 4runner and being desperate and knowing I needed to replace it quickly.

We have a 4200 lb. 17’ Casita that we modified to be more “off-road worthy.” We lifted it 4”, swapped the 3500 lb axle to a 5200 lb. Boxed in the entire frame with 3x2 tubing, added larger off-road tires, a front and rear storage platforms. While I certainly don’t need this truck to tow this trailer, it sure does it effortlessly.

We towed our trailer 200 miles Friday. We averaged about 16 mpg towing at 65 mph, and 14 mpg at 75 mph. I could not be more impressed.

Anyways, there’s a (long) back history. Looking forward to getting more engaged in the forum. I currently have a diamondback bed cover on order and plan to do a Carli lift with Method NV wheels and 37” tires within the next few months. Before I bought the truck I was dead set on an aux tank, however with the 34 gallons and current mileage, I don’t see much of a need for this.


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Nice looking truck!