New tire coating?


Aug 4, 2020
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I don’t know what type of coating the new Duratracs have. It’s extra visible with the white paint. I usually try to avoid adding any tire shine during car washes for this exact reason. Has anyone else experienced this or did I accidentally run through a tar pit on the 250 miles drive home?

I had a lot of black stuff coming off mine when new. Not so much that it went all over the fenders like that from driving However, a couple times I touched the tires and had black stuff all over my hands.
I hate the stuff the dealers put on tires theses days, as it always looks like what you saw. I tell them not to put anything on my truck as I am fully capable of cleaning it myself.
Just a crapy brand of tire shine. I do not have the carwash put tire shine on my truck for that reason. I use Griot's satin black tire shine. It really looks sharp and stays on excellent (even highway) as long as you let it dry.
If the truck was new when this happened and the dealer didn’t apply some shitty tire shine I’d say it’s mold release from the tire manufacturing process.
I like to use Harley engine dressing on my black exterior plastic parts and tires, makes my parts look amazing and protects them.
You can also try Maxima SC1 high gloss coating, works great and easy to apply from pressurized can. I get it from Amazon. Best-
yeah no, I haven't seen anything like that. I have Oxford white and got no such black crap like that. They put some shit on your tires.
Definitely crap they put on your tires at the dealership. I use this stuff which doesn't do that as long as you apply and let it dry.

When I picked mine up it was dripping in tire shine. I asked them if they could wipe it all off. took the poor guy about 30-45 min to get it all off the tires.