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Sep 25, 2021
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Sold my SRT Grand Cherokee to vroom, and went back and forth on a Camaro or mustang. Found a deal I couldn't pass up. Should match well with the atlas blue tremor.

18 Camaro SS 1LE.




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I feel sorry for you Shrike and the fact that you live your life pretending you are better than everyone else and your opinion matters.

Why are you always trolling me & then making up lies and pretending to know what you are talking about?

I really feel sorry for you
Nice looking car, love the black hood. The wheels are cool as shit too. I don't care that it is a Chevy its still a good looking car and I am sure it will be enjoyed.
And for reference, the SS will eat the SRT for lunch. SS is 3.9 - 4 second 0-60, SRT is pegged at 4.4 to 5.1 seconds in stock form, depending on the year and where you read it. Ss will take it through the twisted without blinking. Nice upgrade!
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And for reference, the SS will eat the SRT for lunch. SS is 4 second 0-60, SRT is pegged at 5.1 seconds in stock form.

I’m sorry you are so delusional, but that is typical of GMC owners 🤣
Sweet ride..congrats! Good move finding one with the 1LE package. If you ever track it, you'll thank yourself :)

Nice car!! I still love my old 4th gen haha. Had it 16 years now and I’ll never sell it, makes 460 rwhp all motor. It’s still a fun car and dead nuts reliable.
I don't know shit about anything I've never owned or been associated with. I think it's a pretty cool looking car if ya ask me .. I'm a Ford guy. But, we wouldn't have what we have today if it weren't for competition. Congratulations on the new toy.
I've always been a Ford guy and a few years ago I bought a new 2019 Mustang GT as my mid-life crises fun machine. I don't think I've ever owned a chevy product, but I've always liked the looks of the Camaro. So last February I decided to step up to the ZL1 Camaro. I am in awe at the performance that can be bought, straight off the showroom floor. I hope to do some track stuff with her, if I ever am able to retire and have more time on my hands. She's mostly a garage queen these days.


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Great looking car, congrats!! I like it's stablemate too...

Man, the Traverse City contingent is coming on strong the past few days! @pkrexer @Nateacox
Seen a few tremors rolling around town, always wondered if they were on the forums 😄
I've seen aa few too. I'm still waiting on the truck.

The Camaro is quite a bit faster than the 18 SRT jeep. The jeep was fun and with AWD it handled quite well, but the 6.4 had very little room for performance mods, and doesn't take boost well. A track hawk was too expensive for me to have as a toy only.

The car is 2000 lbs lighter, same power, and more agile. It's faster on paper, on the road, and especially on the ass Dyno. When the tires are cold its non stop traction control, but once warm hold on. I plan to do headers, exhaust, port heads, cam, intake, throttle body. It'll be around 600 wheel after.
Guess there are a few closet Chevy people here....


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