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Mar 4, 2021
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New Hampshire
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Hi from a new member located in New Hampshire. I have been a Gen 1 and Gen ll Raptor owner since 2013 and decided to move into a 2021 Tremor. Just sold my 2017 Raptor and have ordered the tremor. Build date of last week in April. I was very happy to find this forum as was a member of the Raptor forum and found all the information very helpful
Welcome! Lots of Raptor -> Tremor converts can be found here, including me (y) ?
Welcome! Great site, good people and good info on a great Truck! Anything crosses your mind, do a search, it's likely been discussed.
Welcome to the forum! Congrats on the Tremor order!

I still have my 17 Raptor, but I've been so happy with the Tremor it's on the chopping block ?
^^^ You beat me to it, Rich! I'm sure he's never heard that! :ROFLMAO:
I was gonna say sumpin about moving to NH.
Welcome and congrats.