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Apr 26, 2021
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Good morning everyone new member here. I placed my order for a 2022 F250 7.3 Tremor a week ago and since it was the first time I've ever placed an order and not bought something off the lot I had no clue what I was doing. I recently learned about the x-plan and joined MCA so I could get a pin which I have. Since scheduling hasn't started yet and production won't be until July, is it reasonable, and do able, to change my order with the dealer? If I can secure x-plan pricing I would definitely like to upgrade to the Lariat instead of the XLT.

Thank you.
Welcome to the forum. I’d have to say I agree with Driftwood 100%. Should be able to change anything on your order until a VIN is assigned, after that, any changes would result in a new order and a push to the back of the line. Good luck and keep us posted. ???
Congratulations! It will make for a summer of anticipation for you. My dealer told me changes could be made up until Ford "picked up" the order in about a week. I doubt they are scheduling 2022s yet so you may have a little more time but you don't want to cause any added delay. I would nail down the order asap. They should give you your final X Plan price in writing at the time of your order if you have a PIN. Tell them about the PIN when you contact for changes. ?
You can update your order until it has a VIN. I placed an order a little over a week ago myself then contacted the dealer to upgrade from a Lariat to a Platinum. Within the hr I received a build sheet to confirm the changes. Was extremely hassle free.
I ordered my 2022 Tremor on 4/16. How long does it typically take to get your VIN? Also, are you notified somehow or do you have to call your sales person?