New issue with center console screen

Mike Alcocer

Apr 1, 2020
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When I first purchased my truck I had the issue that a lot of folks had with the backup camera going fuzzy on screen. That issue hasn't surfaced at all since the first few weeks of ownership. But I did find a new problem yesterday.

We headed to the lake and like a dummy I parked nose into the sun on a 109 degree day. Got back in the truck in the evening and when I started it my center console screen was black. This was going to be an issue since I had a boat trailer I had to pick up and haul back. Fortunately the camera came on the screen just fine when I went to back up it did not have the zoom button available however. I plugged my phone in and it played music via android auto just fine but the screen was still black. I could adjust the volume but not switch the channel using the steering wheel buttons. None of the center console radio buttons worked. On the way home I got a call which I could not answer using the steering wheel buttons and the screen was obviously still black. After I manually took the call my radio decided to come on, screen was still black but could not change the station and only adjust the volume with the steering wheel buttons. Tried everything short of disconnecting the batteries to get it to restart to no avail.

Hoped in to take the little guy to guy to school this morning and of course everything worked fine. I will bring it up with the dealership but historically speaking if they can't get it to duplicate then it probably won't get fixed.
Mine has done this twice while pulling up my driveway- seemed to be a certain sequence of unplugging the USB & pressing a button on the screen like it was stuck between ACP and Sync so it just blacked out. Both times it worked fine at the start up next morning.

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