New Guy looking for wheel/tire insight!


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Jul 20, 2020
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2015 F150
Been poking around for around a month now, have a new Magnetic Lariat on order, should have it by October...

My initial thoughts were keep it stock, then I found this forum. My plans now are order a 2.5” Backcountry Carli system with all the upgrades and change out the factory wheels and tires. Here is where I’m stuck! Originally I was set on 20” wheels but now am heavily leaning towards 18” wheels. The method 305’s are probably leading the pack as I can’t find anything else I really love. 17” are a little smaller than I would like although they are the only size in the 0 offset I really want. This makes me lean towards the +18 offset as I don’t want anymore poke than the 0 would provide.

Curious if others are running the 18” +18 offset and if you could provide any pictures down the side, as well as if you are experiencing any rubbing on the radius arm. I’m getting conflicting information from CJC, some say they rub, others say no!

As far as tires I’m leaning RG 37x12.5” but could be convinced to go 13.5” if they fit!
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Yeah, I feel your pain. I wish Method made an 18x9 8-170 wheel with zero offset. I really like the double standard machined wheels so I am going with 17"x8.5. Although, I'm wrapping them with 35" tires.

I'm ordering my rims tomorrow but don't expect to take delivery of my Tremor until October as well.