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Mar 21, 2021
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Hi all...

Been lurking for a few months while deciding between a GMC 2500 AT4 and a F250 Tremor....

Wife and I looked at a Star White Tremor in January, and the first thing she said.... “this truck looks like its covered in stripper glitter”. (No offense to anyone who has Star White, just not for me). Now i cannot look at ANY vehicle with a metallic flake and not think about that comment....

Two weeks ago, went to the local GMC dealer to look at an AT4 that wasn’t meant to be... driving away, passing the Ford dealer and “there’s a really Nice Grey Superduty, with Blacked it headlights, it looks really cool, its probably an Fx... Shit, its a Tremor” commence U Turn!!! And now I have a Carbonized Grey 6.7L F250 Lariat Tremor. Not a religious or spiritual person, but sometimes things may be meant to be...

Back to the Ford Family after driving a ‘14 Silverado for a couple years, but had a few Mustangs (‘92LX, ‘94GT, ‘12 CA Special GT), and a lifted ‘04 F150

Finally, the Carbonized Grey looks real good next to the wife Magnetic Grey Explorer Sport

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Welcome (y)?
Welcome, and congrats! She looks great and Im sure you are enjoying the driving! I have a similar driveway, wifey has an explorer as well?
It was a selling point for the wife!

Before I got married all my vehicles were bright colored, and she prefers the everything has been grey since. Except the sport bike, lol. happy wife happy life!