New F350 Pucks on Factory Prep Package


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Mar 16, 2021
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Seems like I should have the slots for pucks in all four corners on factory gooseneck/5th wheel prep package. There’s just a hole on front passenger location with no slot for puck.

Searched and can’t find answer, appreciate the help.
Wait, so you only have 1 hole in your bed... and there isn't a puck? Did you order the factory 5er prep? have any pictures?
Let see a photo of your bed

Here is mine with the hitch

Should look something like this…
(Borrowed from the internet, hitch is in my truck at the moment so you can’t see everything)

View attachment 36592
It’s that front right (passenger) that is different than the other three. Larger slot/puck? But no narrower one underneath that like other three. The factory plate installed underneath is notched out for the shock under there. Maybe the slots underneath are just bolt slots. The passenger front just looks different below the top slot.


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Can’t remember for sure - been a while since I put my hitch in. Now that you bring it up, seems like maybe mine didn’t all look the “same” either.

I’ll take a look when I get a chance to pull my hitch, but I’m thinking your fine, it’s just a matter of how the bracing underneath lines up.