Need bed storage ideas


Aug 4, 2020
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So once I get my topper, I'm planning on putting a mattress in the back for camping like the pictures. Thing is I need storage on the sides instead of a drawer system under the bed because I want to sit up. I know I can build it from wood, but I was thinking of pre-built things I could leave in the bed with the topper removed. I've only seen the below so far. Any better ideas?

VDP wheel well storage (You can stack 4 of them?)
Kind of like a Ram box
UWS wheel well toolbox

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 10.34.17 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 10.34.52 AM.png
I've had no luck finding a Ford version of these
The Ford accessories swinging box from Undercover is another option
I've had no luck finding a Ford version of these
The Ford accessories swinging box from Undercover is another option
Nice advertising (a hatchet, rope, duct tape, rubber gloves)! May be there’s no Ford version because 9 out of 10 serial killers drive GMs???

On the other hand but any welding shop could fab them even In aluminum.
Rocks wood and other supplies. Use it as a truck not a station wagon....
Here it's in the trunk unless there isn't one. Not gonna argue with a cop about weather a bed with a cover is a trunk or not.
For that I’d go with something like below. Cover when in need and lifts off too.

I had some time on Sunday so I recruited my wife to help me throw on my Bakflip MX4. It was a fairly simple install. Very straightforward. It could be done with one person but a second set of hands helps for rail mounting and placing the cover. It took a little less than two hours from unboxing to Old Fashioned cocktail time, and I was overly meticulous. So far I’m very happy with it. View attachment 8545View attachment 8547View attachment 8548View attachment 8549View attachment 8550View attachment 8546
I feel like Pelican missed the point of the Boxlink system. Would have been great if they had a solution that used the existing mounts and let you mount boxes.
What’s the first? Haha
Taking a piss... I read a few places that large percentage of men found dead in the water have their zipper open. Apparently, a few too many frosty beverages to recycle and lack of or impaired swimming skills.
@funnyman3000 - Have you seen some of the new Pelican boxes and mounting systems:

I have Pelican gun cases and I'm sure their product would be much more robust than the Du-Ha Humpstor I was originally looking at. It seems like the Pelican Cargo Case with Saddle Mount sticks too far into the bed of the truck (my sleeping space) though. Really don't want them being much wider than the edge of the wheel well.