My truck was almost stolen! (Again)


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Jan 1, 2020
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So some of you may remember back in September that my truck was almost stolen. Well, it happened again but this time there is more damage. I woke up to find a message from fordpass saying my hood was opened and the alarm went off at 2:58 AM, the message only came at 5:30 AM because of all the tampering on the truck, this is exactly what happened last time. When I went to the truck I found a whole mess of things wrong, the first thing I noticed was the mirror puddle lights and spot lights were taped off, there was also a ball of tape on the ground. In the bed was a couple of rags with tape all around them which I assume was to cover the bed lights and it fell off. The hood and front doors were left partially open to not make sound but I immediately noticed the doors won't latch. My drivers door lock was still damaged from the last time but for some reason they punched it instead of simply turning the lock. They also broke my passenger window for some reason. On the inside my center console was left open and center tray removed for the hope of a spare key. Now to the real bad stuff, last time this happened they removed all the trim covering the Fuze panel/BCM on the passenger side to try and program a new key on the spot. This time they actually unplugged the whole Body Control Module and tried to perform a swap. They left my BCM laying on the carpet with a whole mess of wires. After the last time I built a shield to prevent them from unplugging the horn again, this time they cut the wires through the grill which also got into the camera wires. Under the hood they disconnected the 3 main harnesses going into the firewall and removed a positive lead off the battery and took the nut that holds it down. After filing a police report (which will do nothing) I proceeded to examine the BCM to make sure it wasn't damaged and that it was actually mine. Luckily it was all good and I managed to plug everything back in and find a nut for the battery, the truck fired right up with no hiccups. I then removed the grill to fix the horn wires, that's when I discovered that the camera wire had been cut too which I can't repair. It's like a wire inside a wire. I fixed the horn and threw everything back together. Hopefully I can get the harness for the horn and camera and it's relatively easy job (I doubt it) It would be much appreciated if any of you guys could find the part number for it. There are 2 reasons they weren't able to drive the truck away. The most likely one is because of my ravelco kill switch which kills fuel and starter. It is ran into the main harness and it basically impossible to defeat. The other possibility is that the BCM is not for a 2020 which I'd assume wouldn't be compatible, even if it was correct they wouldn't have gotten away. All in all I still have the truck and it's going to need a few hundred dollars in immediate repairs for the harness and glass. The door handle is going to be a few hundred bucks including a new lock cylinder then it would need to be painted. These guys seem to have tried every trick in the book on this truck and were completely unsuccessful. Hopefully this means they give up. That doesn't mean I'm not upping my security though. Before you ask, I don't have cameras and it's not in a well lit area.

Here pictures of everything
Twice now? Time to move or get a garage!
I'm hoping to move in the next couple of years. I have a 4 car garage but I can't fit the truck in it because one bay has a 2 post lift that cuts in in half, the other side has a boat and all my junk in it. It's also just a hassle to just drive the truck that way.
I am truly sorry to hear about this. I couldn't imagine the frustration of it happening once, much less twice. I would definitely look into security system and/or cameras. I'm not sure if anyone has discussed the "fix" for the easy defeat door locks, but you can actually remove the locks and handles on the front doors and replace the door handles with rear door handles. This will leave you with only remote or code entry, but eliminates the defeat of the less than fair quality door locks.
This happen in a driveway in a normal subdivision, or are you in a more isolated situation?

Those are relatively sophisticated thieves.
It happened at my house which is right off a main road, you can see the trucks while driving by.
WOW that sucks I can't imagine how you feel with this happening twice. What other protections are you thinking might help?
Shit load of lights and some cameras. Also looking into train horns.
Twice ? This is getting ridiculous isn't it.
Definitely time for security cameras and AR.

My sister recently had potted plants stolen off her carport so I went out and mounted cameras all the way around her house and handed her a revolver.

Hope these thieves get caught.
Wow, these people really want your truck!

They must have spent so long hanging out on your property messing with the truck. that's not a "few minutes" of work. These are the kind of people that will bring steaks to occupy the dogs and wear landscaper shirts to fool the neighbors.

I'd invest in some 3rd party home security for the next year. see if you can get some alarms and get the police to respond.
Do you think its the same crew from last time?

I don't know what to tell you, but so far you are one step ahead of them. Let's hope you can become 2 steps ahead of them, I am pretty sure there will be a next time and hope 3 times is not the charm.
These pictures are hard to look at, pissed me off and it’s not even my truck! People are just assholes and don’t realize how much people pay and how hard people work to buy this stuff cause they’ve never worked for anything in their life’s. Sorry this happened man hopefully the last time ?