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Man, is it hot today. Wheeew!

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Yeah, I'd say it's hotter than normal all over the west right now. Stay in the casinos!!

This view was last Saturday, during the Western States 100-mile endurance run from Tahoe to Auburn in 30 hours or less. This is the river crossing where the water was unusually low for this time of day. Still deep enough to require a rope to navigate across. Runners were crossing here into wee hours of the morning, many with flashlights. It's just a small part of the total race which ascends a total 18,000 feet and descends, 26,000 feet with multiple water crossings, some with bridges, some with no assistance. The winner ran it in 14 hours, 14 minutes and 45 seconds.

Can you see the Tremor?


It's right here. 😁

I dislike hurricanes one of the reasons I left south Florida.
Can you guys imagine (well, some of you) if we had an 85 inch LED TV playing Mike Tyson's Punchout? Watch the little video!



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Great day to sit inside and wait until evening to do anything outside. Hottest day this year so far. Of course, this was while the sensor was in the suns view but still at 109 today officially. Starting to wind down now.

It shows 88 indoors, that's actually fairly cool for us here, we're use to the 85ish temperatures inside, feels "comfortable". You get acclimated. At 74 degrees, I'm freezing at night. :LOL: BTW, had to cover the truck to protect inside and out, still gets plenty hot inside.



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