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I'm celebrating, screw it. Gone in no time.

Whatcha celebrating? Isn’t it kinda early in the morning for 40 year old wine? Even in Vegas?
You are correct. It's cold outside at 100° so we're celebrating climate change 🤪
Just day trips - Siena, Pisa, etc. Spent last week in Rome.
Gotta get you a spot in Positano one day. I went for my honeymoon and we stayed in La Anchor hotel or whatever it is called. The view and the food were one of the best experiences I have had 👍
Mr. Royce thought he could get the first spot in valet. Get outta here! Tremor coming through. Don't make me tow your ass!

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It's quite a striking photo with the similarity of the color schemes of the two vehicles. If you told me that it's your car and you staged the shot for some chuckles, I'd probably believe you. 😉