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Sep 15, 2020
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2020 F350 Tremor KR 7.3
Everyone and their dog has installed air bags so nothing earth shattering there. I just wanted to document a couple things that I did differently.

My bags were given to me 2nd hand from a buddy. They were meant for a 2017 truck so I had a couple issues.

-2 of the 4 air bag 'cups' was ruined so I ended up installing using DayStar Cradles. I'm not much of an off-roader but these seemed easier to find than the cups. They were a bit of a pain as I had to do a test fit to figure out where they naturally landed and then pull it out to drill the mounting hole. I also had to drill a larger hole in the 'axle cups' so the nut had clearance. Should have taken a pic of this part.

-The 'axle cups' that sit on the 'tang' ride up on the curvature so I had to flip them around 180, this puts them 3/16 more inboard but don't think it will be a problem.

-The instructions say to knock out the factory bump stop hardware, this made no sense to me as the factory hardware works well to attach the top plate so that's what I did.


I installed my compressor and manifold in the cab. I don't really find it that noisy and it only runs for a few seconds. I made a bracket for the pump to bolt to that used the seat bolt and another bolt on the side of the sub. It just fits in front of the factory amp for the sub. The manifold I mounted under the seat just vhb taped to the back of the storage bin. I live in Canada so wanted to protect the compressor and manifold.

I was going to wire it to an upfitter but changed my plans last minute and decided to wire it always hot, I just wired it to the terminal block off the positive battery cable.


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Thanks for taking the time to start this thread! ?
I am currently looking at the various installs and units that the good folks on this site have chosen to go with.
I appreciate your input! Great job!

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