I'm a rock/metal fan. It's in my blood.

Tool, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Mastodon.

New Deftones album "Ohms" is fantastic.

I've been to more concerts than you can shake a stick at. Seen Tool in concert 15 times alone. I may have a sickness.
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I like various forms of music, but there is something about country music that can be so emotional. And the best for me is the legendary Slim Dusty. Gone but never forgotten, no one knew and could sing about life in the bush like Slim. RIP Slim.

Some days AC/DC, Metallica, White Zombie. Foo Fighers.

Other days Hank Williams Jr., Brothers Osborne, Blake Shelton

It really depends on my mood, and how much I drank the night before ?
Post up some music you listen to, I bet you we have a varied listening group. I’ll start, listen to the words closely in this one.
Tyler childers is one of my favorites.
Great Thread.

Or if you like death metal check out my kids band. He retired from music but you can actually still buy his music. I love the music but the screaming yikes>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> :cool:
I lsiten to everything from country to heavy metal to even a little bit of opera. My all time favourites are Led Zeppelin, Metallica and Johnny Cash.

Lately I can't get enough of Colter Wall, I especially like his Townes Van Zandt covers. Doesn't hurt that he's a small town Canadian.

You know honestly I like I am a barbie girl ?

Old school rock, some new rock, alternative rock, but music that's you can heard the words .... If you know what I mean .... Can't understand some of these songs...
Nobody likes NewRetroWave? 80s synth with a modern twist? Was in love with a lot of it until a year ago and since I've been listening to nothing but Post Rock. Youtube Channel called WherePostRockDwells has a ton of variety.

Some recent faves:
Pillars - Cavum
Arctic Rise - Frequencies Made Visible
Distant Dream - Point Of View
Carved Into the Sun - S/T
Cloudkicker - Solitude
iiah - Terra
Tides From Nebula - From Voodoo to Zen

A lot of post rock has no lyrics which is what I like. Not really a fan of what people are saying anymore (one exception is iiah above). Good stuff, just love the buildups of much of the music, driving and thinking music for me.
I love a variety of music. Sometimes country, sometimes top 40, sometimes some good bass, and other times some great worship. Right now I have a couple year old song that’s been my go-to this season. Can’t wait to blast this with the windows down when my Tremor arrives.