Moisture in LED headlights


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Jun 21, 2020
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Anyone having issues with moisture in the LED headlights? I washed the truck in the shade about 65 degrees outside. Right headlight only.
I never have had condensation in my Tremor but other vehicles I have owned have done that from time to time. It usually occurs under the right atmospheric conditions and washing/rain on your vehicle. As long as the water is not puddling in the lens then it will go away on its own. I would not be concerned, I also get it; it would bother me also.
Happened to mine as well...same side
Me too.
The first day of ownership I had the same thing in both. Haven't had it again until last weekend. My 2018 expedition gets moisture in every single light, Ford replaced most of them and they still have moisture in the all the time.
Im having same condensation issue. Happened today after hand washing in driveway. Hummm...experience with moisture getting inside headlights tells me this will only get worse.
Others that have seem this on these LED this an issue that gets worse over time?

2022 Super Duty w/ LED headlights (Black Appearance Package).
6,700 miles.
* condensation on both headlights...
Went away after ~ 1 hour... but wondering if others with this issue had it get worse over time?


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Did a little more research with these being LED headlights and all.

Page 117, 118 in the owners manual talks about how the lights have vents to equalize pressure differences due to temperature fluctuations inside the lights. Moisture will get inside the headlights through these vents and cause some fine droplet/mist to condense inside the lights. Per Ford, as long as there are no streaks, drips, large drops, > 50% mist coverage some condensation is considered 'normal' especially under cool atmospheric conditions.
Ford says the mist should disappear within 48 hours.
This specific occurrence only took ~ 1 hour for the mist to clear.

I'll keep an eye on it, but sounds like all is normal at this point.

Take care all...