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Michigan Lighting Laws


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Jul 10, 2020
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SE Michigan
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I'm planning out an A-Pillar Light project, and found that Michigan requires this type of off-road light to be covered when on public roads. It also appears to vary by state.

I found this to be sorta surprising, given the number of Jeeps and other vehicles I see running around with uncovered lights mounted in various spots. Therefore, I figure there is a risk level I'm willing to accept, if the probability of being cited is low - unless I'm doing something stupid, and they add that onto whatever reason I was actually stopped for.

Do I need to include "Is there a cover available?" into my purchase decision for the lights I'm going to mount? This would be a bummer, because the lights I have been narrowing down on DON'T have a cover available (at least as far as I can tell).

So, I ask any fellow Michigan forum folks... Have you, or have you ever even heard of someone in Michigan, getting pulled over or cited with uncovered off-road lights as the primary violation?
have you ever noticed all those rusted through taped together POSs driving around in Michigan? Although i don’t think people should intentionally drive around with vehicles not according to road safety laws I believe law enforcement has zero interest when it comes to enforcement. even if what’s the worst that can happen? They’ll raise their finger and if at all you’d get a fix it Ticket for a few bucks... but on the other hand what’s the damage in complying and covering it...