Measure twice cut once - or - stupid is as stupid does…


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Aug 13, 2021
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So I ordered and got my big 125 Yeti cooler today. Impetus was PG&E letter that our power would be out next week while they replace the cross members on the power lines on my street. States “should be all day but may take longer.” As I’ve got king salmon and Snake River Farms Waygu fillets in the freezer ; and as PG&E are - well PG&E I thought it best to prepare. Last week I installed the Diamondback SE for security in bed and platform for whale watching chairs. I’ve also ordered a bedrack sliding tray as Tremors aren‘t particularly appreciative of short Scottish heritage individuals and their reach. Several days were spent languishing about reading measurements and translating them into with ice how much space do I need. Backstory. The Diamondback and sliding tray will be replaced with an 7’ Alaskan Camper ordered but eta 4/23. Hopefully. That’s April 2023. Until that time we’ve supposedly got an Airstream Basecamp 20x coming in December. The thinking was put the cooler on tray in bed for camping ice and extra storage until Alaskan comes. Only I focused measuring inside and so confirming a previous statement I’ve made before—- the older I get the fucking less I really know. Cooler height plus tray height equals Yeti don’t fit. UPS destroyed box so the cooler which is the size of my 150 bottle wine cooler is mine. Sigh.
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