Meanings behind Monikers (Screen-names)


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I enjoy the random off topic conversations going on with the group and I’ve see this question come up a few times and I figured I’d start a thread for it. Anyone who wants to describe their forum name and any reasons behind it, here’s your place to do it.
I was jumping on a trampoline at a party in high school and one of my buddies said I look liked Gumby. 30 years later my buddies from high school still call me Gumby so I run with it. ?
Fetch um up, I own 4 and train Labrador retrievers. And a pointer every now and again!


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i have many nick names ( STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN,GOLDBERG.EVIL) because i'm big & bald . my father gave me my nick name as a kid after one of AMERICAS HEROES the greatest cowboy JOHN "DUKE" WAYNE & that is why i chose to use it.
Mine ties back to the 2003 Mustang Mach 1. Someone called me 'Mach Man' on the radio at work, which I didn't like, but accepted Mach'er as a reluctant compromise since they were going to call me something (The Italian Job remake came out in '03, with the one character who called himself Napster, so at the time it was sorta contemporaneously normal sounding). The joking nickname/radio handle died nearly as quickly as it started, but I've subsequently built guitars, effects pedals, and tube amplifiers with a Mach 5 Amplification nameplate & logo. So I brought back the nickname. I like doing the amps. Maybe I'll try to sell some after I retire from my day job, but for now it's just a hobby.
Interesting idea for a thread!

Mine dates back to a 1978 Jeep CJ5 that I cut in half and lengthened 20", put 1 ton axles and 44" TSL Swampers on it so I could install more seating for me, the wife and three kids to go four wheeling. I painted it bright yellow and it became known as the Rock Taxi.

*unzips fly*

I was gonna leave it at that, but I guess I'll share the real meaning. My dad who passed away a few years ago was a cop. Everyone typically reffered to him as Big John. He was only 5' 10'' but had hands like catchers mitts and wore a 13 extra wide shoe. His presence was huge when he walked into the room. If he grabbed a hold of you, you weren't going anywhere. I, on the other hand, am small and frail in comparison LOL
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In honour of a Boer War and Great War soldier whose nickname was Pompey. He rose to the rank of major general. He was renowned not just within his own brigade but throughout the AIF as exceptionally brave, a master tactician who cared so much for his men it eventually led him to take his own life because he felt responsible for sending “his boys” to their death. In his first battle in France, when ordered to a attack in what he considered would be a slaughter, he wept at what happened to his brigade. His soldiers knew though that he would never send a man anywhere he wasn’t prepared to go himself. He would even join the front line of attacking troops to better understand a situation. He was largely responsible for the success in a major battle that greatly affected the course of the war.