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Feb 21, 2021
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Gents (and ladies),

I’ve been doing my homework to try and learn a lot of the different maintenance I can start to do on my own once I get my new beast. Easy stuff for most of y’all (like oil change, front and rear diff fluid changes, transmission fluid, filter changes, etc.) but new for me as I have never done my own maintenance work.

My question (yes, probably a foolish one) is does the owners manual list the maintenance needed, the recommended interval of said maintenance, and the recommened products/tools for maintenance? I’d imagine it would tell me what type of oil, additives (e.g. front LSD), etc is needed...but does it also tell you, for example, what drive/size wrench needed, torque specs, etc.

I know I’ve posted similar question(s) before but it’s a bit of a connundrum...I want to take my trucks maintenance in my own hands, but also don’t want to do so at the expense of fucking up a 75k vehicle haha.

Not foolish i was going to ask alot of the same but you beat me too it
Regular maintenance intervals and some specs, oil weight, filter, etc are in the manual. This is what you need to do yourself or have dealer do to maintain your warranty. Specific torque specs, part #'s and that sort of thing are in the shop repair manuals. You can get the Helm one I have listed below, there is also a recent last week or so thread, someone got a cheeper version online. I believe it was a hardcopy and might have been Ebay. You can search for most topics and find the threads and opinions on what road to go, but dont hesitate to ask if you cant find something, we all are here to learn about the Trucks, diet, care, and feeding.

Be aware Helm is proud of their product, $$$.
The complete maintenance schedule is in the manual. Though they are all important the most important of all is oil change and fuel filters (for a diesel).

Transmission, axles, and transfer case are listed as a 150,000mi service interval. I believe the 10 speed trans is also some special trans service as the manual says consult dealer for requirements.
Go to this page and scroll down to the Red Arrow - a nice FREE owners Manual.

Maintenance intervals start around page 340.


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