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Jul 10, 2020
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Hi All. I have a 2020 F-250 on order, a Lariat with the 7.3L, Ultimate & Tremor packages (along with a bunch of other stuff). It will be Race Red, and is replacing my Race Red 2018 Raptor.

I see several on here who have moved from a Raptor to a Tremor.

When I do leave the road, I mostly two track on my own property, though some of the two track is a little less two track and more trail'ish. I was hesitant to give up the Raptor, but, towing needs are driving the change. We have a 33' travel trailer. While we primarily use it as a cabin (as opposed to taking it all over camping) - we still need to regularly take it to empty the black and grey water tanks, and fill the fresh water.

Despite all the bad news regarding getting this thing actually built, I'm joining the forum anyway. I'm confident it will eventually get from order to delivery. So I'm here.

Does anyone know anything regarding timing for availability of the winch kit? I like the idea of it being integrated in the stock bumper, and plan on it as soon as both it and my truck are available...

Anyway, I enjoy seeing the pictures of trucks actually getting used, and would love to see more Race Red ones.

Here's my daughters doing some maintenance on our two track in the outgoing Raptor. Can't wait for the Tremor to take it's place as the new workhorse for our family.
Two Track Maintenance.JPG

Mach'er in Michigan
Welcome to the forum @Mach'er - Congrats on the order! ?

I don't think you will be disappointed, these Tremors combine the best of both worlds. Towing + Off-roading. Fun facter is still there too.
Welcome! Another Raptor convert :)
Congratulations and welcome!
The other race red tremors on here are not very active.