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LS Front Diff and Locked Hubs in 2wd?


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Jun 29, 2020
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Fauquier County, VA
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2020 F-250 Tremor XLT 7.3L
Can someone explain to me what happens with the clutch style limited slip front diff in the Tremor if the hubs are manually locked but the transfer case remains in 2wd? Will the limited slip activate while turning and create drag on the front or is that level of difference in wheel speed not enough to activate the clutch pack? Or is something else at play?

For discussions sake, same situation, but what if it was a Torsen style diff?

My previous experiences are limited to lockers and open diffs.

Thank you!
The short answer is nothing will happen, since the transfer case is not engaged. There is a little more drag and slight loss of fuel economy riding around with hubs "locked" and dash selector on 2wd. The Tremor has a Spicer Trac-Lok w/aggressive clutch style limited slip. Not the best, but better than open front diff.
Truetrac is a far better option and available for the front super duty Tremors. I have one in front of my 2007 F250, it is awesome. There is a "heavy" steering feel when engaged in 4wd, but seamless operation and always both front wheels spinning.
A detroit locker or ARB selectable locker is best for the ultimate traction off road.