Low key aux lighting options that keep LED fogs


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Mar 20, 2024
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I want more lighting. I drive a lot between northern snowy moose country to middle of nowhere foggy Texas. I was considering the 2x Baja S2 SAEs and 2x Squadron Sports in amber. This CJC kit would be perfect, except I don't want to give up the factory LED fog lights. I also keep the front license plate on, which removes the 2nd best option I've found from BMC.

I have a ranch hand grill guard going on the next dry weekend with the sensor relo bracket, which gives me a few places to mount lighting, but I was hoping to find something more stealthy, harder to remove/steal, and without exposed wires that would be needed if I mount to the grill guard. Keeping the stock fogs and front plate doesn't leave any obvious options. Any suggestions?
I just ordered the F150LEDs.com Paladin 150W curved bumper bar. Not a fan of drilling holes in the bumper but looked like it would not interfere with the front camera or Adaptive cruise control.
That's not a bad looking option, and their security bolts are reasonably priced.
mine shipped today. Should have it by the end of the week. Hoping it is a reasonably priced decent quality piece that fits well.