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Big John Son

Aug 11, 2020
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Anyone of my friends will tell you that I am fucking batshit crazy when it comes to hobbies I have undertaken over the years. It started in my childhood and spiraled out of control. I take on hobbies and try to master them to some degree, then dump them like a used whore... I am a research nut, and a buy once cry once type. At one time I had 12 guitars, marshall stacks, botique amps, sound boards, 2000 watt DJ system with a full radio stations worth of music on a 2TB hard drive....Yes, I go overboard, and most people that know me well would say I am extremely obsessive when I decide to whack a new mole.

Here is the list starting from my childhood but not really in perfect order.

Radio controlled cars
Stamp collection
Knife collecting
BMX racing
Dirt Bike Racing
Baseball Card collecting
RC Helicopters and Planes
DJ (professionally hired gigs)
Guitar and Vocals in a paid gig band
Woodworking (fine furniture)
Gun Collecting and Target Shooting
Boating (blue water fishing)

I'm sure I missed a bunch. I am 52 and lived a good good life. Hopefully I have some time left on this earth to try and master a few more hobbies! :cool:
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Wow, Big John Son! That's a lot!

Current hobbies:

Desert Dirt bike riding
Fresh water fishing
Metal fabrication/welding
Guns, trap
Percussion & Drums
Playing in a stupid-ass punk rock band (not proud of it, we used to cover American greats during my teen years in Germany)
Cars & racing
Gun/Target shooting
General world history, antique cultures et cetera (I studied two semester of archeology and ancient Latin American cultures... then went into business, because, well, money)
Bro, need me to lend you a hobbie? I have a few extras. ?

Have to work a little harder this week. Some jackass stole my dump trailer off a job site over the weekend. Cut the locks and hooked up.
Noodles I got a hobby for you!

I forgot another hobby I had was drinking. I was getting pretty good at it in my back yard.

Thank you.
For me, my hobbies (in no particular order)

Gun collecting and shooting
Making sure my house doesn't fall apart
Attempts to smoking meat
Random drives through nowhere
Fabrication (basic wood working, welding, electronics, etc). Project included building my own guns, speakers, amps, etc.
And, of course, cars/trucks
Although I used to do most car maintenance/upgrade jobs myself, I choose not to for the most part anymore. Nowadays, if it involves me getting under the car, I leave it to someone else. Yes, that includes oil changes. The only exception I've made in the last few years was replacing a bad oil pressure sensor on the Excursion. Time constraints forced me to diagnose and repair the problem on the spot myself on a Sunday. Fortunately it was just the sensor, and the car wasn't actually losing oil pressure.
I am a boring guy just a family man......... ?? ?? :ROFLMAO:

Water skiing ( barefoot no skis allowed ever in my boat)
Ice Hockey and drinking beer in the locker room.
Wrenching on shit
Zamboni Driving ( Actually it's an Olympia)
80s hair bands
Fitness, workout cross training
Complaining about politics ( and bad media)
Biking in the woods
More Ice Hockey and often tending net ( Yes I am a goalie somebody has to stop them pucks )
Cooking and I specialize in burning meats
Women x2
Frozen water or thawed I am on it. ( 40 MPH thawed)
Sleeping in on Sundays
Detailing my fleet ( love to have clean cars)
I don't have no stinking job
Working on my Tan in Summer
Trips to the gas station ( boats don't fill them selfs )
Craft beers
Bloody Mary Sundays
No longer particularly active in a few of these, but...

Homebrewing (till I rediscovered just how easy it is to go to the store and buy good beer)
Building Effects Pedals, Guitars, and Amplifiers under my imaginary brand name
Playing guitars loudly, but very badly
Playing drums loudly, but also very badly
Restoring cars for fun and losses (1st Gen Broncos x3, others)
Building a Factory Five Cobra replica
Amateur forestry (or what my wife says I call, "Another tree fell down? Shit!")
Home Improvement and Maintenance
DIY Investment Management for fun and losses
Creating and maintaining a trail system on our land (which, as it turns out, is a LOT of work)
Riding quads on my trails (which makes it worth it)
Shooting (Rifle, handguns, and trap)
Watching football while drinking scotch and/or store bought beer.
Spending time doing stuff with my family

Oh, and tweaking my Tremor to make it best suited for me.
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Snowboarding, splitboarding, collecting snowboards, tuning snowboard
camping, glamping, RVing, modding out my RVs'
lite beer, smooth bourbon, dank weed, and poker, all at the same time
raising kids

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