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Aug 3, 2020
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Seems like a lot of dog lovers on here and who doesn't like the occasional break from truck talk to do some dog talk? I'll start. My beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback, Franklin had to be put down last December at only 8 years old due to super aggressive lung cancer that was growing into his spine and there was sadly just no conceivable way to save him....Being a rare breed, I wanted to get on some breeders waiting lists almost right away though I was nowhere near ready to move on....I expected a 6 month to 1 year wait but ended up getting a breeder with a litter coming back in March and I decided that even though I wasn't healed yet, I would go for it.

So we picked up this guy, Murphy in May @ 8 weeks. He's just about 6 months now and still has a whole lot of growing to do. Should be around 100-ish lbs when done. He wants a truck as much as I do.

This is Dutch, he is going on 8 years old....If I don't take him to the park for a walk, he follows me around the house poking me with his nose. When he jumps in the truck after his walk, I have to push his ass in cause sometimes he is too tired to make it all the way on his own.........It aint no F150 anymore....LOL
Sutton (right) is 5 and was a rescue from a local shelter. She’s part Shepherd, part Pit.

Rhett (left) is 5 months old. His dad is an Australian Shepherd and mom is a Black Lab/Shepherd mix. Two of our neighbors dogs got a little cozy earlier in the year and we took one of the pups.

They like to look out over the pasture and watch us take care of the steers and chickens.

This is my girl Cricket. As you can see she’s a bit of a baby. She’s 10 now. She was born in a shelter and her mother was a beagle. It turns out her daddy was a chihuahua! ?

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