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Aug 18, 2021
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Hello everyone. This is my first post in any forum . Ordered on 8/16, 6.7 Tremor with Black appearance, ultimate package, power running boards (for the wife so I dont have to hear complaining everytime she gets in), and 5th wheel prep. NO AS or ACC. I have been reading posts that some already have VIN and build dates that have ordered after me and then there is some that have been waiting months. Besides AS and ACC is there any other option holding orders up or is it just luck of the draw. I did order through a small rural dealer in Oklahoma, would that hold up things? Priority code 19 and retail sale. I have ordered a Raptor through this dealer before so I understand 3 months probably minimum. Whats the "average" if there is one to get your VIN after ordering? Thanks you all and awesome forum for info!
Welcome from another 1st time forum user!

I can’t help on current order expectations (ordered just before Christmas 2020), but I’m sure you’ll get plenty of response from other members.