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Leave stock, level or Carli?


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Feb 20, 2021
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South Carolina
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2015 F150 Platinum
What are your thoughts on leaving my Tremor stock versus upgrading the tires and suspension to the Carli Backcountry(without all the added extras) with 37” Toyo RT’s?
I think the answer is MUCH easier if I had a stock Super Duty, but with the “tremor” package...is it worth it? I like the way my 350 rides now, except when I go downtown or washboard dirt roads. The truck is a road queen and use it to tow, but in the area I live in, dirt road are common and I hunt. I do prefer to leave the factory rake or close to its since I do tow.
Can I save the money and just keep it stock? Sure, but I would nit at all mind a little bit more beefiness appearance of the truck.
My only concern is I am 5’8” and even with the ladder on the tailgate....it is not always fun climbing then ladder. LOL. I will probably have to go with the AMP steps too.
I believe that you'll find the front end so much better, it's worth it. Back end, not so much. Not a lot you can do about the unloaded rear that'll tame a washboard yet still keep capacity.
I sadly admit I did not do a search before asking this question. Now I am thinking of just leaving it stock, versus adding the Carli 3.5 backcountry and 37’s. So much money for all the little nuances that go with it.