Last Line Of Defense - Overland Adventure Rig Super Duty Tremor Build

My waterheater is supposed to arrive this week, gotta have a hot shower, even if it’s only 30 seconds.
Thanks I will have to check out his channel. I have a diamond back cover on my 05 f150. Very heavy duty covers I did have a lock break and the cover fly open going down the highway but they have since updated the locks and they sent me new locks for free. Really like it but will not be getting one on my tremor as I went with a max modular rack system to haul kayaks and bikes.
What I like, a lot, is that multicam black wrap. I’m surprised how much I like it and if I hadn’t picked a set of wheels specifically to compliment my blacked out antimatter blue - I might have chosen that specific wrap. I also like the idea of a rack mount tent, although I think I prefer the ikamper and obviously that crazy useful builtright bed rack system is a must have for everyone.

That said, I don’t like the build.

He made some questionable decisions... First off: 39 inch tires on a 7.3L? You better not need to drive anywhere because that mpg hit will be significant - like single digits per gallon significant. That light bar / roof rack won't help either, easily adding ten inches to the height of the truck, combined with the 39’s and you’re well over a foot of extra reach on a truck that was already 84 inches tall to begin with.

Restated, trails and overlanding will be a problem, so will certain daily driving experiences, like parking garages or... Highway driving.

In addition to the somewhat oversized nature of each of his light selections, the light controller is itself mounted in a really poor location and the reflection /light pollution is going to suck if you ever have to drive after dark... Even if he moves it, he already drilled the dash.

Mounting the rearward facing lights to the diamondback chocks is going to pose problems not only with wire management, but also opening or removing that bed cover if necessary. Those lights are going to be orders of magnitude too bright and consumptive to want to use as a camp light while cooking, cleaning game, or using the tailgate in a utility role. They should be mounted in, or under, the rear bumper. If camp lighting is needed, lower output LED strings can be effortlessly mounted invisibly as desired.

Lastly, and subjectively, I'm repelled by those fender flares. There’s nothing wrong with putting flares on our trucks but those are an unfortunate externality of running 39's and again, are not to my personal taste.

I feel like his Tacoma is a fantastic build, with conscientious attention to detail throughout. The Tremor, on the other hand, feels exactly like what it is - a corporate affiliate give away with brand placement, not form or function, determining what goes where and why.

My two cents.

I like seeing the truck gain attention and I like seeing what people do with it; I hope as the Tremor badge gains more widespread recognition that aftermarket support begins to open up for the XL segment of the offroad and overland community.
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Does anyone know whether the black camo is, in fact, actual black multi-cam or a knock-off similar pattern? I think I want to do this exact wrap to my scratched up 2007 F350 KR. Since the price of trucks is so outta hand right now, I’m rethinking buying a new Tremor and considering re-doing my old truck (inside and out) until the nonsense ends.