Knowing actual payload at time of order


Jul 2, 2020
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I search for this question and couldn't find it. So if there a thread already my apologies.

I have never been through the ordering process and I didn't get a warm and fuzzy from my sales rep.

So if I build a truck to be ordered. Will the dealer now the accurate payload before I get the truck? I want to ensure I'm getting the payload I want with the features I want. Basically knowing if I need to tweak anything. Id hate for my truck to arrive and be a low payload.
As far as I know you won’t find out your exact payload until you get the truck. The heavier optioned the truck, it will have a lower payload. Sunroofs seem to reduce the payload more than anything.
The brochure says the 350 #11300 package will give you the greatest payload of #4400.
#11100 will give you #4200 payload.
Like stonegrey said above, you will NOT know until you get the truck. Each option takes away from available payload. I have attached pics of my build and payload sticker. As you can see on my lariat I optioned in about everything except the moonroof.


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Short bed trucks lose about 1k in payload alone.