Keep the stock 35" Duratrac tires?


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Jul 8, 2019
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Anyone plan on ditching the stock 35" Duratrac tires for BFG KO2s or something else? I was a little surprised to see Ford opt for this tire instead of the BFG since it's been used on the Raptor from the beginning.

I had a set of duratracs for 40k miles on my Ram Mega Cab. Road noise was fine until about 30k when I missed a tire rotation.

Then they got loud.... I replaced with Cooper ST MAXX.

I’ll probably run these one full tire cycle before replacing.

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I’ll be going to the KO2’s when these are done.
Had 2 sets on my 2015 F350......great tires.
35x12.5x18’s......or 37’s
Will move to Maxxis Razr or Toyo MT in the stock 285/75r18 size when these are done. I wish BFG would make this size in the KM3.
I put 900 miles on mine trying to find out what all the fuss is about. I guess they are amazing in snow but we haven't had any snow this year to speak of. I hated them. They wandered around when braking hard a were surprisingly loud for brand new tires considering their tread pattern is fairly tame.

I couldn't get rid of them fast enough. Went with Ridge Grapplers. 3rd set in a row I've had. Love them. They look great, are quiet and wear really well. I know Duratrac's have a strong following but I don't get it. One of the biggest complaints that I heard over and over was that they get really loud as they wear. If I'm going to listen to the noise then I'll put a set of M/T tires on it and at least have the traction and looks to go along with the noise.
Keeping mine until they’re bald. Then maybe a lift with 37s. Looking at the wild peaks and the new tires made by cooper for the diesel brother guys. Can’t remember the name.
Yep I'm replacing mine tomorrow with 35/12.5/18 AT BFG. I can't wait to get them Off, anything over above 65mph damm Truck is all over the road, feel like 20 lbs of pressure in the rear, I've had the Truck on alignment and it was fine and 65psi all around, ride fine just so squirrely .
Very squirrely over 65 mph! Passing at 80 mph over ruts in the road over the mountain pass had the wife screaming at me :) But, they performed fantastic in the snow.
I just posted about this on another thread, would appreciate input
When it's time, I have had good luck with Nitto's. The truck I have now has the ridge grapplers but I am not to fond of how they perform on our muddy dirt roads. I have had three sets of trail grapplers ( on two different trucks) and they were much better. I will say the RG's are much more quieter than the TG's on pavement.
I just don’t like that Ford used an 8in wide rim. It really reduces the options for 35x12.5 tires. I actually like the rims and would gladly keep them but just not an option if you want to run The Nittos or Toyos etc..... guess I’ll be buying 18x9 rims with new rubber when it’s time.
bfg doesn't make the exact size for TREMOR you would have to get 295/75r18 i don't know how much of a size difference that would make

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