TOTM June 2020 - Tremor of the Month.. Starts Now!


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Jul 8, 2019
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Ladies and Gents it is time for the June 2020 Ford Tremor - Truck of the Month photo contest. Now is the perfect time to show off your Tremor! No need to spend hours detailing your truck for this contest because this month's theme is all about using your Tremor. Whether it's mud, dirt, sand, snow, hauling, towing, etc, we want to see Tremors doing what they do best. The winner will be crowned with a special TOTM badge and the truck will be featured on the website.

1. Post your best Tremor photo in this thread. (You Must be the Owner and only 1 photo)
2. Please list some details on the truck (Trim/Features/Mods/etc)
2. We'll leave this thread open for 7 days - June 9th, 2020
4. All entries will be posted in a voting thread and the entire community will have a chance to decide the winner.

Good Luck!