📷 TOTM July 2024 - Tremor of the Month Starts Now!


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Jul 8, 2019
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It's time for our July 2024 Tremor of the Month Contest! This month, we're removing all boundaries again and inviting you to showcase your Ford Super Duty Tremor at its finest. Whether it's conquering rugged terrain or serving as your trusty companion on an epic adventure, we want to see the unique personality of your Tremor shine through. From breathtaking landscapes to urban jungles, from work sites to weekend getaways – every setting is fair game. The winner will earn the coveted TOTM badge, a prestigious spot on our TOTM Wall of Fame, and the honor of having their truck featured across our social media channels.

1. Upload your best Tremor photo to this thread. (You must be the owner and only one photo)
2. Include a short caption about the photo.
3. We'll leave this thread open until July 10th, 2024 @ 3:00 EST
4. TOTM contest winners are ineligible to participate again within the same calendar year.
5. All entries will be included in a voting thread where the entire FordTremor.com community will vote for the winner.

No boundaries eh???

TBF I stole this picture from someone else on this site and I wish that I could credit them…. I will post my actual truck in a bit.

Camping in Lincoln National Forest at almost 11,000 ft.
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I took this photo in Longreach. It’s a telling photo, showing it in its intended role of outback tow vehicle. This truck has job to do and this is where it’s doing it. At this time, caravan is unhitched and out of frame.