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Jan 19, 2021
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Just ordered 2020 Tremor
I heard folks on here state that their XLTs had the 8" productivity screen in them. I just got my window sticker and it says 4.2" productivity screen. So my question is is the 8" screen in a certain package on the xlt?
I'm not sure if it is a certain package on the XLT (mine has XLT Premium), or if it's something that Tremors get, but I do have the 8" screen (instrument cluster). If you have digital gauges for oil pressure, coolant temp, fuel, and transmission temp, then you have the 8" screen. The 4.2" screen has analog gauges for those items. Sorry I do not have picture handy.
I posted one of the threads asking this question. I was unable to find a single XLT Tremor with the 4.2 productivity screen or any documentation saying that the XLT tremor includes the 8". I was able to find a few XLT's on lots and they all the 8". I googled, YouTubed, and searched many posts on other forums

I stopped looking though as I decided to make the $2,500 upgrade to the Lariat. In KBB a loaded up XLT shows resale values about $10,000 less than an entry level Lariat with the Lariat Value pkg added. I used this to justify the Lariat upcharge.