In the Beginning


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Aug 19, 2020
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These guys were my inspiration. I was so fascinated by their films that as a young child it was all I wanted to do. And it still is. I have crossed the country numerous times but these brothers and their families were the reason why. Back in the day before everyone had lifts, before diff locks, before modern comms, before GPS these blokes were pioneers. In the day these were very isolated places very few people went to. Here they experiment with makeshift electric winches and wide tyres . They made mistakes but no one knew then they were mistakes because no one had ever done it before. They say that you should never meet your heroes because you’ll be disappointed but not in this case. I met Mal and had a great chat with him. He was just like anyone else you meet doing this stuff. He still tours with his wife, but at his age he’s no longer doing the full on stuff. sadly his older brother Mike had passed away.

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