Idle control (not through Forscan)


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Feb 19, 2020
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Owner’s manual hints at a high idle possible with some wiring to an outfitter switch. Anyone look into this?
I didn't find the 2020 SEIC info. Here's a link to the 2019 SEIC so you can see how it's done, and what you need.

2019 SEIC
I'm fairly certain that the only way to get this installed from the factory is to order the PTO option.
I believe you can still configure it without the PTO option, Thats just a cover and input on the transfer case.

What are you thinking of using it for?
It absolutely can be configured after the fact but it seems the "factory option" as mentioned in the manual is still a bit of a mystery. Best I can tell, even if you have that option, you still have to select your upfitter switch of choice and 'complete' the installation. It's definitely not complicated and can be installed whenever for whatever reason you may want.
SEIC is (in a way) partly to do with the PTO option. SEIC doesn't require a PTO to function. PTO functioning requires use of SEIC.

Plenty of people run SEIC without having the transmission PTO option.
Just curious what you would use this for if you didn’t have the PTO option
Read thru this link: 2019 SEIC

Plenty of people want to have the vehicle heat up faster in the winter.

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