I want to like my Tremor!


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Apr 11, 2020
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Idaho Falls, Idaho
Coming from owning an 06 Duramax for almost 400k miles. I wanted to try something new and just couldn't get past the newer GMC/Chevy design. (Especially the mirrors). The newer Powerstroke paired with the 10 speed and an overall better looking truck is what sold me on pulling the trigger on my Star white f250 lariat Tremor.

Keep in mind I never test drove this truck, I bought it online and had it delivered. I knew the interior was lower quality than the GMC at4 I should have purchased but looked passed that since that and figured it was worth the sacrifice.

First thing I noticed was the truck pulled hard right when braking and the steering wheel was crooked going straight so I took it in for an alignment and have the brakes looked at. Problem was fixed

Truck wanders very bad with the duratracs. I dropped pressure to 55psi all the way around and it is getting better but I absolutely hate driving this thing on the freeway due to having to constantly make slight adjustments, you can't relax and drive. It's like driving in turbulent wind coming from all directions.

Truck leans a 3/4" to drivers side empty and almost 2" when my 5th wheel is attached. Bounces off the overload spring on every little bump making a very annoying metal "clunk". Ford says it's within spec and won't do anything so I'll have to put a shim on the driver's front to level side to side and will be installing airbags to level out the load side to side in the rear. Lame

Rear view camera glitches out 1 every 10 or so times you put it in reverse with a black grainy screen followed by an alert on the screen to see dealer for rear view camera. Dealer did an update and is still doing it, won't replace since it's not a constant issue.
The most annoying part that drives me absolutely insane is the steering. Turning the steering wheel to the right is effortless but does not re-enter like I'm used to on every vehicle I've ever owned...left turns require 3 times the effort on the wheel and re-centers too well telling me something is pulling the steering to the right constantly like a bad steering stabilizer. Dealer aligned again within spec, still does it. This time they were kind enough to leave 2 dents in my hood which they deny.

Bottom line is I regret purchasing my Tremor. I should have bought the 2020 Duramax as I have had zero problems like this with any gm products. The 2020 6.7 Powerstroke is an absolute beast and pulls a trailer like a freight train but just isn't worth it because I hate driving it. Luckily I decided to keep my 06 LBZ dmax and have been driving that more.
Sorry to hear this. I came from a 2015 Silverado LTZ 3500HD with the Duramax and I also wanted a change. However its been almost 2 months and My Ford Experience has been very good. I don't see the quality issues with the interior or have any problems with driving it. It pulls my 5th wheel much better than the Chevy and the exhaust brake works better than my old one in the Silverado. I also hated the DEF filling point inside on the Chevy, that sucked. My Ford dealership is much better with service than the Chevy dealership. They did not manage appointments very well and never would be on time if you waited for service. My salesman will loan me a car if I have an appointment so I don't have to sit in the waiting room.

So my final two cents worth is, your 06 LBZ dmax was probably made better than the trucks are made today and maybe coming from a 2015 I was used to the "new standard". Leather seats used to be leather and they used to paint the undersides and under the hood areas the same color as the vehicle so I do see "short cuts" in the new vehicle manufacturing process. They charge more and give you less( except for the technology, you get almost too much). There are many members on this site that would love to have your Tremor so you could probably arrange a sale and go get the 2020dmax.
I had an 06 D max- was the best truck I ever had- 280k really no issues until the end- needed Turbo- injectors CF pump enough that to me justified buying a new truck . So I traded it for a 19 GMC Denali dmax figuring I would have the same good luck.. Well the Dmax was a nightmare from day one- Engine started tapping loud at idle at about 500 miles. Took it in twice dealer tells me this is normal operation. It sounded like crap almost embarrassing to have a new truck tapping. At 1000 Miles the driver side headliner let go and was sagging, back to the dealer. The truck had an annoying shimmy and the steering wheel was not aligned properly. Shimmied any time I turned right at speed. I took it in twice for this and kept getting a no trouble found. The parking sensors and detection system was a joke it malfunctioned and would just go off randomly. Dealer fixed it but it was odd after. It shifted hard from day one and would occasionally buck randomly. I had them look at the trans and got the same no issues found. Then at 15k I am rolling up to a stop sign unloaded truck downshifts as it should and the tranny blew up. Had the truck towed to dealer and the torque converter blew apart and took out the trans, had to get a new allison. So the best part of the truck blew up. The DEF drove me nuts, and the filler could not be in a worse spot on GM trucks. The thing got 3 to 4k on a tank of def and if I was loaded up it was like 1500 miles. Sorry but to me modern diesels are overly complicated, That was it for me after the trans blowing I hated the truck. Best part of the truck was onstar hooking me up with tow and service . I am now the proud owner of a 2020 7.3 tremor with lariat package right off the bat this truck is great in just about every way. It has a better view out of the cabin drives like it should, has great power and looks great. I think the GMC had slightly nicer interior but by a small margin. I think the moral of the story is lemons happen
@Whiskerbiscuit I think you stated an issue with the steering? If so, do you have the adaptive steering assist?
That sucks to feel that way about a brand new truck, especially with this kinda price tag. It might be worth considering just replacing the tires. That could solve the steering issue as I've seen others report.
If the dealership does not correct the issues that you bring to their attention directly, as they should, then go directly to ford with your experience. They are very good about dealing with issues. I got a new paint job on an almost 20 year old F-250. Just have to call and tell them whats going on, keep good records.

Notice that no one else has these problems. A lot of what you are noticing is suspension geometry related. I would look into shipping damage or something similar.
Agreed - I had a major problem with my 2006 Superduty years ago and Ford cam through big time. It is unfortunate that this stuff happens but it can be fixed. I realize that my experience is a bit dated but Ford's response keeps me loyal (FoMoCo first Choice for me).
Stock Duratracs are garbage. My truck wandered all over with those. Before I hit 300 miles, I had 35x1250x18 Toyo MTs at 65 PSI installed and all the side-to-side wandering was gone, just like that.
I wonder if that has anything to do with the lighter 7.3. I haven’t noticed any wander even at speeds over 80
I wonder if that has anything to do with the lighter 7.3. I haven’t noticed any wander even at speeds over 80

My 7.3 wanders just a little, but nothing that I would consider a concern.
I've got the adaptive steering. i wonder if the electric overlay that firms up steering response at speed has something to do with tightening up the steering and reducing wander
I have adaptive steering and I was constantly chasing the thing all over the place with the Duratracs.
Mine wandered at good bit at first, it got better with some mileage on the tires... however I noticed that when I hooked up the gooseneck and loaded it with a tractor that it drove as straight as an arrow. Also, noticed less when I took my front and rear pressures down to about 58psi.
So strange. i wonder why there is so much variability between trucks