I WANT TO GIVE OUT St Benedict medals with the Exorcism blessing

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Aug 23, 2020
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I had received an exorcised St Benedict medal from a friend in 2014 after I had gotten into a very bad on the job accident in 2013 that destroyed my life. It has some very strong powers against evil. It had helped me through the worst struggle of my life. I am doing so much better in life now and thought I would return the Blessing GOD had given me, and give them out to help others.
I bought 650 St Benedict medals and brought them to Florida when i was there with my dad as he passed away. I had a Priest bless salt with an exorcism blessing. Then he took the blessed salt and did an exorcism blessing to some spring water with the salt. Then the Priest Prayed the old Roman Rite Exorcism Blessing on the St Benedict medals and sprinkled the holy water on it. It is a very powerful weapon against evil. It is used for protection, it helps with illness and disease, bad dreams, and a bunch of other things. I was lucky to have them blessed before my pops had passed away. We burried him. with one in his suit pocket.
I gave out all 650 medals and then when I was back in NY i bought another 1,500 medals and 135lbs of Mortans table salt and 50 gallons of Poland Spring Water and had our Priest come to our home and do all the blessings. I made 350 set ups with 6 medals, 2 bottles of exorcism holy water, and holy salt (to be placed in food or sprinkled around the out side of your home). I gave them out and everyone seemed to really like them. Even a few people on this forum.
We now just bought 3,000 more medals, 200lbs of table salt and 30 gallons of spring water. We are going to have our Priest come by to do another blessing. We are going to make 500 more set ups. I would like to mail out a bunch of set ups to as many people on here who would like some. I am not wanting anything for this. This is an act of charity and doing my part of GODS master plan.
Please watch the UTUBE Video of how powerful this medal really is and what it does. Please just hit me up privately or say you would like some. I will reach out to you. I need an address to send them to you. If you feel funny giving out your home address I can send them to a work address or any address and just give me your first name and I'll address it with your Forum name with the rest. I am trying to do my part in GODS master plan. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. NEVER DISCOUNT THE POWER OF PRAYER OR GODS MIGHTY POWER. ? ? ? ???
Don ;)
So far 6 people responded. I mailed it out today. Either way it is now in your own court if you would want any. Have a blessed day pepes. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Don ;)
Ironman, I love your boldness in your faith of our Heavenly Father and his Son. You’re a good man set on a great path and it says a lot about you as you share it with others (“when you are in the service of your fellow man you are in the service of the Lord”). Keep sharing your and His light!
Thanks Bones. I would like to send you a bunch to pass to anyone in your world who can benefit from them. You are a good friend brother man. Hit me up privately brother. ?????????
Don ?
I’m very glad to see more and more people hitting me up privately and requesting these set ups.
I had to have the Priest come to my home and do all this since I had so much stuff to get blessed. I bought 6 sanitized food buckets buckets but I needed more buckets so I got more from Lowe’s and scrubbed them clean. We bought 5oz bottles for the Holy Water and 2oz plastic bottles for the salt. I hand written all of the labels. We folded all the boxes and printed out thousands of pieces of paper with the prayers and process of what was done. My wife had to put them together, staple and gold them. It’s been a very FRUITFUL PROCESS now seeing that these are able to get to so many people.
Everyone wanting to give this to someone who they feel can benefit from this is a blessing on you. Keep up GODS work. I felt the Holy Spirit inspire me to keep making this. I hope you are inspired to get them to others.
I hope everyone request these. I have 3000 medals and all the rest of the things needed to make 500 more setups. I just need to get the priest here this week to bless them so I can put together all the set ups.
It truly warms my heart when I get requests gor them. We only ask that you do an act of kindness for someone else in return. That’s GODS mighty plan.
Keep the requests coming and GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. ??????????


This is the second batch of medals. 1,500 and salt and prayers. The stuff for 500 set ups is cluttered all over our living room. Wifey is on board with me doing this but she has been very frustrated with me with the clutter. 1000 bottles for the holy water, 1,000 bottles for the salt, 500 boxes for the set ups, and then once all the set ups are made everything in put in boxes.
Boxes and boxes and boxes all over the place. LOL.

With the awesome amount of people on here wanting these set ups and my family and friends asking for more to give out, I just ordered another 1,200 medals and another 100lbs of salt. So thats going to be 4,200 medals and 300lbs of salt and i will need about 40 gallons of Spring water. My Priest is coming here next Wednesday to bless everything so the extra stuff should be here on time. I will now be able to make 700 set ups. Wifey doesn't know i just ordered more. Shes exhausted and frustrated with the 500 set ups. The Holy Spirit is using me and guiding me to do GODS mighty plan.
Please keep the requests coming. I'm so delighted to see the Beacon of JESUS CHRIST' light shining within so many of you in these very dark times. No Worries with more and more requests. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES. ? ? ? ? ? ?
Don ;)
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Thank you Don we got are package you are awesome man lot of work and time my 9 year old is loving ready and checking it out right know thank you again will be giving some to friends and family ??View attachment 25588
Awesome Sauce. These are being asked for more and more. People are requesting them for people they think can use it. Keep this in mind everyone. Lets be the Beacon of JESUS CHRIST Light shining through the darkness through these dark times. Keep JESUS alive in your hearts and minds my friends and brothers. ? ? ? ???
Don ;)
Thank you Don we got are package you are awesome man lot of work and time my 9 year old is loving ready and checking it out right know thank you again will be giving some to friends and family ??View attachment 25588
I got mine also, Don went above and beyond. This was much needed for me this week..
Ironman my Brother it sounds & looks like your doing Great. You are a TRUE WARRIOR OF GOD ? ? ?. Do you think this medal would help my wife with her MS ? If I want one since we both live on LI I would just come & pick it up from you if you don't mind. LMK