I might have to wait for my Tremor,


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Apr 6, 2021
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but, I at least got my hat. Maybe we should get Ford Production to take a lesson from Modified.(y)

It's built, sitting 100 miles away and has been all week. Trying to get my dealer to reach out to the rep and see if it can be picked up locally. Normally this is a NO CAN DO, if not they can sit on the son of a bitch until October when I get back. I am not pissed about the delay due to the chip situation, what I am pissed about is that people are getting 22's delivered to places 2 x the distance that I am from KTP. The 22's are where my rub really comes in, glad folks are getting their trucks but I really feel like FMC has fondled me and I don't like it either.

In fact, I would like to shove it up FMC's ass so far that it twinkles like a gold filling when they open their mouth.....
I got ours from Etsy. Modified sells them. They are great quality and look terrific! He also offers hoodies, t-shirts, etc... They sell out quickly, so when you see them, get ‘em!!👍
I've had hats on order for 2 months! The last update I've heard from the company that produces them for me is an ETA of November. :(