Hurricane UT Trail Suggestions

Rich Pune

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Jan 18, 2020
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I’m heading to Hurricane tomorrow to MTB. Any suggestions for a light trail drive in the Tremor? I’ve got very little 4x4 experience. I’m fine with slightly harder than a forest road.
I moved to Washington, UT/Hurricane, UT a few months ago, if you get stuck give Matt's Off-Road Recovery a call, he's in Hurricane as well. Check out his recovery Youtube channel below, its amazing what he can pull out with his Jeep Cherokee. The road to Toquerville Falls is pretty brutal, not technical but it will beat the crap out of you if you haven't upgraded your suspension yet.

Matt's Off-Road Youtube Channel
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Just watched a YouBoob of that trail. Read some of the comments first about how gnarly it was. It was crowded as all get out and dusty as hell but gnarly? Maybe a 1.5. I'd be more concerned about scratching my paint on the bushes.
Yeah, I will probably pass on that one.
It might be nice if you got up early on a weekday and took a hedge trimmer. The bushes looked pretty benign.
I heard there are two ways into the falls but I have only come in from Hwy 17. Not really any brush the way I went but lots of rough roads.