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Just got my Tremor (2020 F-350 Lariat V Blue). My son and I both drew (antlerless)Deer tags (Mulies) and preference points were rewarded for Ranching for Wildlife (Elk - Cows) in CO. The other 2 members also drew the same!
6.5 Creedmoors and 30.06 (old school) will be our rifles of choice. Looking forward to a great finish of a bizarre year!
When I went on my first hunt with the group they seen one of the rifles I showed up with (GAP-10 in the first picture with S&B glass) I about got laughed out of hunting camp. They told me this wasn’t the place to try new rifle calibers on these types of hunts, we drank beer all night and decided we’d confirm zero at the gravel pit the next morning.

Of course yours truely up first HAHA. Needless to say them old boys and the 30-06 rem 700’s didn’t hold a candle...
Gorgeous Speedy mount! What did it measure?
My main is a custom Thompson Center 25.06 spent too much on it to get rid of it
Headed to Idaho for elk and white tail on Friday. Wish me luck, there’s nothing more bitter tasting than tag soup!!
I will be in Slippery Rock, Pa. in a few weeks trying to chase the deer!
I will be in Slippery Rock, Pa. in a few weeks trying to chase the deer!
Hit me up when you’re in the area. Maybe we can meet quick to grab a picture of our rides together for the forum. Either way good luck!
I’m leaving Friday for a week of DIY waterfowling in North Dakota. Wanted the Tremor in time for the trip( I’ll actually have it Wednesday evening if all goes well) but it will have to wait till next year.
Elk tag remains un-punched so far. Rut seems a bit odd this year for some reason. Rifle opens up in a couple weeks. maybe we'll have more luck then
Been hunting my entire life, deer, birds, squirrels, rabbits and got into predator hunting.
Compound - Bowtech
Crossbow - 10 point
Deer rifle - Tikka 308
Muzzle loader - Triumph

Family headed to Montana in early November.
Be safe.