Hub Centric Fuel and Method wheels?


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Sep 1, 2020
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Does anyone know if the Fuel, Method HD wheels that fit the F 250 & F 350 are hub centric or are they lug centric? I am going to also call and my local DCT shop and understand more before making a decision on my wheel purchase.
My guess is they are all hub centric for 3/4 ton trucks, seems lug centric would be less desirable. I am interested in hub centric since I tow a Travel Trailer. I believe the F 250 and 350 are designed for hub centric wheels.
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I didnt even know this was a thing. Until I read a post a while back.
I asked this question a while back and didn’t get much of a response. I have always been told ONLY go hubcentric. So back when I owned a 2002 superduty, I bought Weld wheels that were hubcentric.
I talked to both Discount Tire and a local shop that does lift kits. This is what they both said (paraphrasing), so take it for what it's worth.

They'd both sell me hub rings if I wanted, but lug centric wheels on a 3/4 ton truck is perfectly fine. The lugs will take the weight without problem, and the hubs/lugs won't suffer from any sort of vibration issues as long as my tires and wheels are in good shape. Now, if I get spacers, then those will need to be hub centric unless I like disintegrating hubs. Neither place recommends them since they require constant maintenance (similar to bead locks). The truck lift place went so far as saying they won't warranty the installation and any parts attached to the spacers.
I think you guys are overly concerned. There must be 100 Tremors on this forum with Method wheels and not a single failure or issue. Some of us have used the Method center caps, some have not. I have my center caps on the rear but not on the front. Again no issues. I for one am not concerned. Tire Rack was VERY concerned about HOW my wheels were installed.....but they had ZERO concern for this issue.
Pretty easy to know if any wheel brand is hub centric...look for the hub bore sizing of 125.10mm. Anything much over that is lug centric.

Method wheels are lug centric as they report a hub bore of 130.81mm. Verify when you select your wheel.
Fuel wheels are hub centric reporting hub bore 125.10mm. Verify when you select your wheel.