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How it rides


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Oct 11, 2019
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On TFL Truck they compared the AT4 with the power wagon, their major complaint on the AT4 was how rough the ride was due to the towing setup. The Raptor which isn't really designed for towing is supposed to be the softest ride of all trucks because it's configured for off road.

I will be using the truck off road quite a bit, I wonder how they found the balance and if getting the tow package stiffens the shocks.
Not only is the Raptor good off-roading, but I love the suspension for in town driving and driving in areas that have terrible roads in general (New Mexico, Oklahoma)

One reason the Tremor is so appealing is the payload it has vs the power wagon. I sure hope Ford found the sweet spot for off-road/towing/payload/everyday driving.
Has anyone seen a better comparison of the Tremor vs the 2500 AT4?
Has anyone seen a better comparison of the Tremor vs the 2500 AT4?

Other than the new TFL video, no. What are you interested in comparing though? I think the Tremor would beat it
in almost anything you could think to compare? Maybe I am slightly biased? lol