Hooking a 5th wheel to an Andersen Ultimate bed hitch


OP, I hate to break it to you, but you definitely did void your warranty and damage protection from Anderson by putting the holes in the hitch. Those structural members are there and sized appropriately to the advertised ratings for a reason, and you now have a section loss close to 50% from the holes.

As a PE, it's my opinion that you should start over, and not use that hitch. It is akin to the plumber that cuts 2" holes in 2x4 studs of a load bearing wall to run a line. It may work fine until it doesn't, and then you may be opening yourself up to liability suits or worse.

ETA: If you're wanting to use the puck system for your safety chains, you should probably look at the Reese Goosebox. I've ha both the Anderson and currently use the Goosebox. Goosebox is better in every way.
I agree - if you want a gooseneck get one - the Reese Goosebox or GenY goosebox both offer a direct bolt in replacement that won't impact your trailer structural warranty - and will ride far better than a 5th wheel. I made the switch on mine and could not be happier.

I would not run that Anderson hitch even without the holes added by OP - Before I went with Reese Goosebox I looked at that hitch as I wanted something lighter to deal with. But my research and information from search on net shows many examples of the hitch failing when things go wrong. I would either get a real 5th wheel hitch or move on to a goosebox that meets factory approval for warranty of trailer frame (at this point that seems to be Reese and Gen Y).

The thing about towing is a lot of things will work fine - but you need to know that it will "work" when things go wrong - so you, your family and all those around you are not at risk.

May never have an issue - but if you do - your liability will make you question why you didn't just spend an extra grand or two up front and do it right.