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Feb 9, 2021
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Mornin all! I have a 2021 F-350 Tremor looking to get a deflector for my hood. When I purchased it, the sales person said that Ford has some new trick deflectors they can factory install. Does anyone know anything about them?
I ordered a bug deflector like this on my ‘21 Tremor; and personally, I think it’s junk! The deflector, itself, is okay. What’s “junk” about it is the way the deflector attaches to the mounts/straps. In previous deflectors of mine, several straps would come out (from under the hood) and would attach to the deflector by bolt/screw.
On this “Super Duty” deflector, the straps come out (from under the hood) and “clip” to the deflector. Some genius engineer cut a corner, saved a minimal amount of production cost per unit, and hung the end-user with a substandard product by going cheap on the manner in which it attaches.
The very first time I drove my Tremor through a brushless car wash, the air dryer snapped my bug deflector in two pieces. The dryer’s air blew behind the deflector and unhooked the outside tab (on each side of the deflector) and away she went.
I can’t count how many times I drove my previous pickups (that also have deflectors) through the same car wash with absolutely zero problems. I feel that if bolts/screws were used to attach deflector to straps mine would not have been broken.
Attached is a pic. Keep in mind my truck had >500 miles. Absolutely no reason for this to happen, other than they went on the cheap. I’ve circled the spring steel clip. Each clip is squeezed together and inserted into a pocket on the backside of the deflector....it’s a bad design!
The mfg. should’ve attached it differently

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Someone on here had purchased this one and said it was crap. The lsetters are popping out as opposed it going in. Also it seemed cheep is what I remember them saying. I just saw Todds post that his broke at the car wash. That blows. Mines OK. I'm glad i got it BUT i do believe the have Better After Market Ones. I will be putting Silver Lettering On Mine and keep it until it breaks or I get board with it. I can't wait to add lettering to it as the deflectorless hoods look BAD ASS with the lettering. I hope mine looks half as good as theres do and I will be quite happy. ? ? ? :cool: