Hi from the Mountains of Utah


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May 4, 2020
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2020 F350 Platinum Tremor 6.7
Hi everyone - I have been inspired by your builds and the amount of knowledge on this site. I have been lurking since February and feel that I may finally have something to contribute.

After running out the clock to purchase for the camping season I finally found a Tremor that will meet my needs and was in stock. It isn't what I had been configuring, and in many ways I am probably happier with the one that I found. Was looking at a Lariat Ultimate in Blue Jeans, but ended up with an Platinum in Star White with the Marsala leather. I was pleasantly surprised by the Marsala and think it is much nicer than the brochure shows. I have not seen that color in person on any of the Super Duties I looked at.

I have a few upgrades/accessory projects thanks to you all that I get to start.

See you down the road...... Powder


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Beautiful Tremor. You wouldn't have gone with either color. But the Platinum... Now you're just showing off. I'm just teasing ?
The price difference is only like 3K so it didn't hurt too bad.