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Nov 14, 2020
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NWT, Canada
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Hi All,
Been lurking here for awhile now. :)
Ordered a 2021 F350 Platinum 6.7L Diesel Velocity Blue Sept 3 and of course i traded in my 2017 lifted / leveled F-150 Lariat since it was a pig hauling a 32" camper and thankfully i new the production date of Nov 13 from my dealer since it was order in processing till went into production yesterday and then boom late last night i had the window sticker and now super stoked since the waiting game is almost over and arrival of the blue beast should be at the end of the month.
Welcome aboard @hyrv ? Congrats on the F350 order! They have been knocking them out of the factory pretty quickly now.
old thread but also from NWT.... ordered a 2022 Rapid Red with lower two tone in stone grey, 7.3 Lariat which should be in by August or September.