Help please trailer + for inside DC LED light's


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Feb 5, 2020
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Hi guys not sure what's going on? Have a 2020 F250 7.6 and just bought a 2021 Enclosed trailer and there is 12 volt light's inside that run off the + 12 feed line in the trailer plug on the truck. Its at the 7 clock position looking in to the plug on the truck. I check the trailer its perfect and truck should be to? 3,500 Miles but the 12 Volt feed from truck work's and does not?? Like its on a timed relay?? What turns that feed on and off?? I confirmed with a test light no power there? Then it will have power?? HELP LOL

Thank you
Does it only get power when the headlights are on ? I’ve heard of some trailer wiring issues and not getting power when DRL are on/off.
The system requires a power draw on the 7-way and then holding the brake pedal for about 3 seconds until your dash registers "trailer connected". At that point, the vehicle will deliver the 12V power to your trailer connector and not before. I recommend using a circuit tester to test for the 12V power once you get that "trailer connected" message on the dash. That 12V power will be on the 1 o'clock pin location on the 7-way so the corresponding wire will need to be probed to test.
Thank you yes mine needs the brake held on and you must jump out quick and shut the door. LOL if you don't do the door fast right after you let of break I lose power.